Registration For TSON Program

Welcome newly-admitted students to Trinitas School of Nursing. As part of your commitment to the nursing program, you will be required to register and attend a New Student Orientation Session prior to the first day of class. Please follow the instructions that were provided as part of your acceptance package.

Pre-Registration Dates (Spring, 2020)
Pre-Registration Checklist Explanation
Pre-Registration Checklist
Re-Entry Pre-Registration Checklist Instructions
Re-Entry Pre-Registration Checklist

Requirements and Forms
Criminal Background Check (TABB Form)
Drug Screen Consent Form
Health Record Clearance Form
Health Record Clearance Form Instructions
TB Questionnaire
Proxy Request Form
Malpractice Letter
Mandatory Education Instructions

Trinitas School of Nursing 2019-2020 School Catalog

Student Handbook
Trinitas School of Nursing 2019-2020 Student Handbook

Generic RN Track
LPN-To-RN Track

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