Registration For TSON Program

Welcome newly-admitted students to Trinitas School of Nursing. As part of your commitment to the nursing program, you will be required to register and attend a New Student Orientation Session prior to the first day of class. Please follow the instructions that were provided as part of your acceptance package.

Registration – Dates (Fall, 2021)
Castlebranch Guide for Students
Registration Requirements Explanation
Re-entry Registration Requirements Explanation
Re-Entry Registration Dates (Fall 2021)

Requirements and Forms
Drug Screen Consent Form
Physical Examination Form
TB Questionnaire
Malpractice Letter
Instructions Sign-on TRMC Mandatory Education Program – (Opens annually by January 10th)
Instructions to print TRMC Mandatory Education Transcript for Castlebranch

Trinitas School of Nursing 2020-2021 School Catalog

Student Handbook
Trinitas School of Nursing 2020-2021 Student Handbook

Generic RN Track
LPN-To-RN Track